Bible Reading Tips – What Is Your Motive for Reading the Bible?

For some Christians, it is basic to peruse the Book of scriptures. We consider it our “Calm Time” and we take extraordinary measures to ensure we have it. We need to peruse, study and ponder the Word, for it is our everyday bread. Didn’t Jesus himself say that “Man doesn’t live on bread alone, however on each word the comes from the mouth of God?” (Matthew 4:4).

There is a threat to keep away from, notwithstanding, when we read the Good book – – regarding Book of scriptures time as an end in itself as opposed to the yearning of a looking for heart to encounter and appreciate closeness with God.

Hymn 119:2 addresses this issue – “Favored are the individuals who keep his resolutions and look for him with their entire being”.

Thus we should consistently analyze take up your cross and follow me ourselves and our thought processes. I’m composing this article to move you and me to pose ourselves the inquiry, “For what reason do I peruse the Good book? Do I peruse the Book of scriptures only to secure information that turns into an identification of pride, a method for dazzling my Christian companions, a way to get acclaim from others?”

Assuming that is the situation, Book of scriptures time has close to nothing to do with looking for God. Rather, it closely relates to me – my greedy, egotistical plan of dazzling others so I can be seen as in a profound way experienced, when as a matter of fact I might be everything except that.

Assuming that this is a region you battle with, I might want to urge you to invest energy in petition about it. Admit the pride of Book of scriptures information as an end in itself and request that God impart in you a more noteworthy craving to invest energy in the Word since you need to invest time with Him.

Center around the straightforward truth that being a Christian is most importantly a close connection with your Creator. Furthermore, this relationship, similar to any great relationship, is portrayed by correspondence between two individuals – you and your God. This correspondence should be a two-way road. We convey to God through supplication, and He imparts to us through the Book of scriptures.

God needs to address us through His Promise. At the point when we read the Book of scriptures, we have the magnificent honor of hearing what He needs to say. What’s more, when we tune in, with an open heart and an unassuming brain, there is a fellowship that happens that fulfills the spirit and carries us into the actual presence of Ruler Jesus.

Gracious that this would be the call of our souls each time we open the Word and read it: “I look for you with my entire existence… Turn my heart toward your rules and not toward narrow minded gain