Grand Theft Auto IV is Great – But is it the Best Game in the Series?

Half a month prior I purchased GTA IV expecting an astonishing game, subsequent to perusing every one of the surveys that gave it wonderful scores. Well… I got an astonishing game! The issue is, I truly don’t believe that it is the most amazingnest (you heard me) game in the series. I truly trust that Excellent Robbery Auto: San Andreas is the best game in the GTA series.

Clearly, GTA IV is a phenomenal game. The game looks perfect, sounds perfect, and plays without a hitch. I would rather not jabber on about how great GTA IV is, you can peruse a survey in the event that you need that. I truly need to make sense of why it’s not on par with San Andreas.

So the following are 메이저사이트 2 justifications for why GTA IV isn’t on par with GTA San Andreas:

1. Scope:

GTA IV happens in a city setting, more modest than the setting in San Andreas. Nonetheless, not the size of the guide makes me like San Andreas better, it’s the assortment. In IV, you have city, city, city… just city. In San Andreas, you have city, desert, country, woods, mountain, secret-army installation, and so on. You even have 3 altogether different inclination urban areas.

As you move along in San Andreas, it truly feels like you are traversing a state, visiting totally various scenes and individuals. It truly feels like you are advancing through life (as silly as that sounds). In GTA IV, it doesn’t feel something very similar. It’s more similar to you are simply moving around a city, absent a lot of assortment.

2. Story:

The story in GTA IV, while fascinating, doesn’t match San Andreas’. I simply think the characters are considerably more evolved and fascinating, and this drives the story to more urge. Samuel L Jackson is one of the voices in San Andreas, I mean, please!

In San Andreas, the story drives the game. Posse wars and side stuff are fun, however what truly compels you need to continue to play is the story. The way that the story is continually moving to various urban communities and scenes makes it much really intriguing. In GTA IV, the story is to some degree fascinating, yet I don’t think it drives the game however much the additional stuff attempts as well.

So that’s it, Terrific Burglary Auto IV is a fabulous game, but its only not generally so great as Excellent Robbery Auto San Andreas due to the extension and story of the game, and as a result of one Samuel L Jackson.