Video Game Tester Jobs – Where Can You Find Them?

Are you looking for video game tester jobs? There are indeed jobs where your role is to test video games and you get paid handsomely. This may appear to be a kind of a dream job, because what could be more fun than playing video games? On top of this, the minimum required working hours per day are only two hours and the minimum rate is $30 per hour. Also, you do not need to have work experience, only the passion to play games and the willingness to record your observations on the various errors in the game and any missed opportunities by the game developers.

Some people have expressed their doubts that this kind of job could be real. Indeed, there is a possibility that some swindlers are trying to con people into buying their services or products to supposedly help people get jobs testing games. It is, therefore, necessary สล็อต to be careful when you are looking for this kind of job to avoid scams.

On the other hand, video game companies are really looking for game testers to make sure that they will not release a product that is full of bugs. The job of a game tester could prove to be taxing on your patience. Usually, when one has discovered a defect or bug in a game, he or she will have to take note of the details as to where the bug occurred. This will permit the developers to provide the corrections. However, the game tester will have to test the game repeatedly to make sure that the bug has been corrected. This could prove to be tedious, because the game tester will have to keep repeating a particular sequence of events in the game to make sure that the flaw has been properly dealt with.

Working 9-5 in an office for someone else sucks. Playing games at home and getting paid for it doesn’t.